Take Action

There are many ways you can take action towards the Global Goals. Here are just a few!

Take Action

There are many ways you can take action towards the Global Goals. Here are just a few!

What can I do?

There are many ways you can help support the Global Goals either as a student, teacher, business person or a concerned citizen - and this is the place to start! We have created a digital hub for you to find ways to help achieve a more sustainable planet.

We are also running our own educational campaigns and projects. Do have a look at our Bristol 17 - their ideas are relevant wherever you live!

Graphic showing people holding up signs, each showing one of the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Bristol 17 heroes

Looking at 17 Goals – all so wide-reaching – can be a bit overwhelming. So we’ve asked 17 networks and organisations across the city who are doing great work towards reaching one or more Goals to help. The organisations represent a wide range of Bristol people so that we can highlight some of the best local projects and give voice to some of our marginalised communities and amplify their calls to action.

We also asked them to nominate a hero for the Goal and made a series of short films about them. Watch the films and we hope you’ll be inspired to take some action yourself. You’ll see that these are everyday people, and they all share our desire for a greener, fairer future for all. Our latest Hero is Adebomi Olaitan, whose approach combines looking after our vitality (physical and mental), whilst also caring for nature.

Click on each Goal below to see the community group’s ideas for how you can help make a difference.


There are many ways you can support the Global Goals Centre.

We welcome business sponsors for both individual projects, our website and also developing the vision for the physical centre in Bristol.

We are a Partnership project and would love to have you with us!

Members of the public and companies can also support us through Donations and in kind support. We are looking for those with relevant experience to join our projects as both advisors and volunteers. University Students are particularly welcome on placements.

Our Resource Hub requires committed individuals to contribute content.

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Business Partners


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