We create ground breaking projects that help encourage action and behavior change. We do this by working with brilliant artists, scientists, educators and the audience! All our projects are co-created with those for whom the content is intended. 

The great news is that we have new projects on the way.

The Bristol 17 campaign

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are the world’s plan to make a cleaner, fairer future for all.

We’ve asked 17 networks and organisations across Bristol to nominate a hero for one of the Goals they are working towards. We’re also releasing one video a week about each hero, leading up to COP26 in November.

Watch the films, and we hope you’ll be inspired to take some action yourself. You’ll see that these are everyday people, and they all share our desire for a greener, fairer future for all.

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The Bristol 17 Campaign


The Centre

Refugee Voices BRR

Refugee Voices


SDG Alliance

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THREADS : Conscious Fashion online game


Youth Voices on Climate Change

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