SDG Alliance

SDG Flag Raising with Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees - Twitter-min
SDG Flag Raising with Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees - Twitter-min

SDG Alliance

The Bristol SDG Alliance is a group of interested stakeholders, from across Bristol, who have come together to advocate for the use of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable city and region that will be a beacon within the UK.

Bristol’s work to localise the SDGs began at the tail end of the city’s Green Capital year in 2015. A report on the formation of the Alliance can be found here

Following 3 successful years of engagement in the city the Alliance has grown to include over 170 members covering all three dimensions of sustainability: economic inclusion, environmental protection and social justice. Community organisations, academia, consultancies and businesses of all sizes come together in support of the One City Plan.

The network’s main aims are:

  • to drive the policy framework for long-term sustainable development of the city and region;
  • to connect business, public, civil society and academic actors in a forum to discuss, shape and improve SDG implementation in the city and region;
  • to increase awareness and share best practice, information and activities within and among our own organisations and networks:
  • to clearly link city and region and community-level action to global and national challenges.

We are proud that our Local Voluntary Review of progress against the SDGs has been shared globally! 

The Alliance is: 

  • Free to join and no commitment
  • A voluntary network of interested stakeholders
  • A hub for SDG events, opportunities and information
  • An active champion of the need to adopt the SDGs as an interconnected set of targets and goals 

The Alliance is not: 

  • A decision-making body 
  • Politically affiliated 
  • Funded or a legal entity

Does your organisation support the SDGs? Join us! Email :