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This is a growing database of information, activities and educational resources to help us create a fairer, green future for all. The hub is an ever-evolving resource for educators, students, businesses and individuals to support action and learning. If you have any material to add, please submit via our contact us page.

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Learn about Geography through film

Explore the richness of geography and geoscience with this collection of short videos, curated by world-leading subject experts.

11: Sustainable Cities & Communities13: Climate Action15: Life on Land
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The hidden power of soil to combat the climate crisis

Find out how we can use soil to tackle the climate crisis in this informative TED Talk.

13: Climate Action15: Life on Land
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Compete in the Sustainable Transport Challenge

Challenge teams of students to plan a sustainable journey to an environmentally significant location.

11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
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Global Action Plan Free Climate Resources

Learn all about problems effecting our planet like climate change and pollution through this hub of free resources.

3: Good Health & Well-Being11: Sustainable Cities & Communities13: Climate Action
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Get involved in climate action in Bristol

Learn more about climate change and how you can help through interactive quizzes and stories from people in Bristol about climate action.

13: Climate Action
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Explore our relationship with nature through film

Explore the ever-changing relationship between humans and nature through this collection of films for primary and secondary students.

13: Climate Action14: Life Below Water15: Life on Land
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Educational Resources on Sustainability

Free teaching resources to inspire children about sustainability through national curriculum learning.

All Goals
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Practical Action STEM Teaching Resources

Free STEM resources to engage and inspire primary and secondary children to tackle real world issues.

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Simple SDG Guide for Businesses

Find out how your business can work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Video thumbnail of Greenpeace's 'What's racism got to do with environmental destruction?' video, narrated by Dr Mya-Rose Craig.
  • For Everyone

What’s racism got to do with environmental destruction?

Learn about how racism and environmental destruction are linked with this video from climate activist and our ambassador, Dr Mya-Rose Craig.

1: No Poverty10: Reduced Inequalities13: Climate Action14: Life Below Water15: Life on Land


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