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Migration Art – Salma Zulfiqar

Shedding light on the issues affecting refugee and asylum seekers through photography.

1: No Poverty5: Gender Equality10: Reduced Inequalities16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
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Step into the Amazon

A creative way to enhance teachers’ and pupils’ knowledge of the vast continent of South America, focusing on Brazil and the Amazon region.

4: Quality Education13: Climate Action15: Life on Land
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Journeys Festival International

Using art to spark discussions and conversations about challenges faced by refugees.

1: No Poverty5: Gender Equality10: Reduced Inequalities
  • For Students

The Syrian Refugee Art Initiative

Blog showcasing the work of Joel Bergner (aka Joel Artista) with Syrian refugees in Jordan.

3: Good Health & Well-Being10: Reduced Inequalities16: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
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Measuring and managing carbon emissions

Step by step guide for a company to begin measuring their carbon footprint and begin taking action to reduce it.

11: Sustainable Cities & Communities13: Climate Action
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Gold Standard carbon offsetting

Gold Standard offers the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint and become climate positive rather than just carbon neutral

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The United Nations Global Compact SDG Action Manager

A great tool for businesses to take action to reach the SDGs, track their progress and share best practice.

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