THREADS : Conscious Fashion digital experience

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THREADS : Conscious Fashion digital experience

We have been exploring the impacts of fast fashion on people and planet with young people in Bristol UK and Kolkata in India Our online experiences have helped them imagine new ways for clothes to be made and bought to feel great about what they wear.

We are now working with the UN Conscious Fashion Campaign, Fashion Revolution, Labour Behind the Label, The Good Wardrobe and Race Equality in Education Group to create a digital  experience exploring how to bring positive change in the way we make and consume clothes – and do our laundry!

The fashion industry produces 10% of global CO2 emissions and uses 1.5 trillion litres of water annually. Poor working conditions in garment factories are widespread. Plastic-based fabrics release millions of microfibres into our oceans on every wash. But there are solutions! Come with us on an immersive journey to explore how our clothes can be changed for good.

Desired Outcomes

  • Valuing our clothes – buying less and using for longer thereby reducing textile waste and carbon emissions.
  • Hearing garment workers’ stories, leading to campaigning for change for fair wages and working conditions.
  • Be inspired that a cleaner, fairer garment industry is possible! Discover textile workers campaigning actions (magnifying their voices – in the UK and global south), new textiles, circular fashion models.
  • Appreciate the creative potential of fashion. Have fun!! Discover what you can do yourself such as mending, customising, swapping. Positive examples of self-expression, diversity, body image.
  • Opportunities for sharing creations and ideas generated by the experience on social media, via video, photos and in poetry/writing which can be shared more widely and encourage more participation.

We are co-designing the experience with local young people, our partner fashion campaigners, Race Equality in Education group and creative designers, to ensure maximum educational and engagement impacts.

We have a range of education partners (in the UK and India) and other organisations who will use and promote this online tool to their schools and members.If you’d like to help make sure we can bring this experience to life, you can donate using the button at the top of the page or sponsor.

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