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Refugee Voices BRR
Refugee Voices BRR

Refugee Voices

The story of refugees is one that speaks of people seeking sanctuary from places where their ability to live in safety had come under threat. In the public domain these stories are often told through a political lens that often simplifies the complexities of seeking asylum. Migrants themselves are often stripped of their humanity in favour of a narrative that services broad political or economic aims. The cultural and societal contributions of refugees and asylum seekers is often neglected. There is therefore a clear educational need to engage young people and communities with the topics of migration, seeking asylum and the realities of being a refugee through a direct engagement with people who have lived experience of these issues. There is an opportunity to foster cultural exchange working directly with refugees and organisations serving their interests to tell a more holistic story, engage the public with the complexities of migrations whilst creating innovative and inspiring content both digitally and in physical space. 

This project will work with creatives with refugee and asylum seeker status to foster cultural exchange through media and workshops. 

It will work with schools around Bristol, some of whom have already shown a keen interest in enhancing the education of the students in these issues through the content produced by the refugee and asylum seeker participants. It will work with The Bristol Beacon and other venues to reach the wider public and generate interest and engagement. It will create a legacy of materials that can be used beyond the scope of the project delivery to help educators and event spaces engage creatively with this issue. It will anchor the issues of forced migration in the SDG’s (in particular Goal 10: Reducing Inequalities, Goal 1: No poverty, Goal 16: Peace and Justice).


  • To engage the public and school children with the stories, cultures and contributions of refugees and asylum seekers through direct cultural exchange (workshops), video and audio content, and a physical exhibition/ immersive experience. 
  • To inspire a more holistic engagement with the complexities of migration in the 21st century and how issues of inequality, climate change and war factor have a role to play in this. To place the human story at the centre of this narrative.

This project is supported by Thresholds, Bristol Beacon and Van Neste Foundation

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