Working in Partnership

17 - Partnerships For The Goals

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Find out the name of our nominated local hero on 25th October.

What can I do?

One way to support effective partnerships for the Global Goals is to break down uneven power dynamics and look for ways to share power and resources. Individuals and organisations can ask themselves “What structural changes do we need to make?” and ‘How can we share what we have in order to support and strengthen the existing work of communities of colour?’. This may take the form of resources, investing in emerging leaders, or sharing time, advice and skill to support communities in developing themselves. 

Equitable partnerships can bring innovation to environmentalism, breakdown structural barriers and help us to achieve an environmentally and socially just future for us all. Will you join us?

To learn more about what you can do to support inclusive partnership working for Goal 17, read our chapter in Diversity and Inclusion in Environmentalism edited by Dr. Karen Bell or get in touch! Visit Black Seeds Network (hosted through Creative Connex), follow us on facebook or email  

About the Nominating Organisation – Black Seeds Environmental Social Justice Network

We are passionate about celebrating the existing work of Black, Asian and ethnically diverse people on environmental and social justice issues. 

Since there is more than one way to be an ‘environmentalist’, we broaden narratives to include holistic care for people and planet. We also aim to provide a platform for our environmentalists to socialise, gain support, seek opportunities, innovate and develop their expertise on the issues. 

For effective partnership working, we believe that the incredible and inspiring work of communities of colour should be recognised and represented fairly. Communities of Colour have been on the frontlines of environmentalism for centuries, as activists, as farmers, as stewards, and as people daily living life on fewer resources. But how much consideration is given to their work?We are much stronger together- but we must make sure that partnerships are fair. We specialise in creating equitable and mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of organisations to tackle environmental and social challenges together. As awareness rises of  racial inequality and the need for environmental and social justice, the time is ripe for a supportive programme structure that ensures Bristol’s environmental sustainability movement is inclusive, representative and will meet future challenges.

Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goals

Our Hero is working towards Global Goal 17. This Goal aims to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.

1 - No Poverty

Tackling the causes and effects of poverty

2 - Zero Hunger

Eliminating hunger and ensuring food supplies for all

3 - Good Health and Wellbeing

Ensuring the wellbeing and rights of disabled people across Bristol