Empowering women in local communities

5 - Gender Equality
5 - Gender Equality

Empowering women in local communities

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Find out the name of our nominated local hero on 2nd August.

What can I do?

You too can join us in our work to reach the goal of gender equality by becoming a member or signing up to our newsletter.

Find out more about and join our Keep in Contact project.

Make a regular small donation.

Or join us as a volunteer, for more information email: ops-manager@bristolwomensvoice.org.uk 

Want to join us? Everyone is welcome and it is by coming together in this way that we can all learn from each other and really make the change.

About the Nominating Organisation – Bristol Women’s Voice

Gender equality is at the heart of Bristol Women’s Voice’s work to empower women in local communities. We work towards this by ensuring the voices of Bristol women – particularly those that are economically or socially marginalised – are heard loud and clear, and are reflected in decision making across the city. 

Our organisation informs women about opportunities and services that provide the support and advice they tell us they need through our workshop programme and regular member’s newsletter. We collaborate with local grassroots and neighbourhood groups – particularly those run by, for and with diverse women, to support marginalised women and encourage cross-community learning and communication.

We also help women set up their own support networks to share information, resources and support in relation to health and well-being – this has been particularly crucial over the last year when the covid-19-related restrictions have increased women’s isolation. We offer a diverse range of volunteering opportunities including event organising, media work and reportage and research through which women in Bristol can participate and contribute to our work for equity. Volunteers also play a key role in supporting BWV’s International Women’s Day which takes part in City Hall every year near the 8th March. At this event, around 3,000 women come together to celebrate the achievements, resilience and lives of women through music, workshops, panel discussions and performances.

Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Our Hero is working towards Global Goal 5. This Goal aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

1 - No Poverty

Tackling the causes and effects of poverty

2 - Zero Hunger

Eliminating hunger and ensuring food supplies for all

3 - Good Health and Wellbeing

Ensuring the wellbeing and rights of disabled people across Bristol